Facts about Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most well-known procedures in the field of plastic surgery. Most likely, even someone who had never planned to carry it out, and in general is not interested in news in this field of medicine, heard something about this procedure. We understand what liposuction is and who needs this procedure.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure the main purpose of which is to remove fat. A plastic surgeon sucks it out of the problem area using a special tube inserted into a small incision on the patient’s body.

New liposuction methods

LiposuctionToday, along with classical liposuction, other, more modern forms have appeared, for example, ultrasound. It allows you to break up and make the fat cells thin, which makes the procedure less traumatic. In addition, thanks to the new vibrating nozzles, the time of the operation has decreased and instead of 4 hours, it can take an hour.

Pros and cons of liposuction

Liposuction is aimed at solving local problems. For example, it is an effective procedure if a girl wants to improve the so-called, hormone-dependent areas: the abdomen and thighs. In these zones, body fat can be maintained even with a strict diet and sports. Thanks to the operation, the patient will receive the desired proportions in a short time. The only thing to achieve the maximum effect is to wear compression underwear for a month after the operation.

However, it is a myth that obesity can be treated with liposuction. With the help of the operation, it is impossible to make a plus-sized woman slim. It happens because no more than 5 liters of fat are removed from the body at a time.

In addition, if a person after the procedure does not reconsider his lifestyle and diet, then after 4 months he will gain weight again and return to what he came to the doctor with. Thus, to achieve the best result, an integrated approach is important. It includes not only liposuction but also a well-designed diet, sports, massage and beauty procedures.

What is lipofilling?

Previously, after liposuction, fat was removed from the patient’s body. Today it is used for lipofilling. This is an operation that allows you to enter the biomaterial in areas that require an additional volume, for example, lips or cheekbones.

Compared to artificial fillers, the patient will never have an allergy or other rejection reaction to his own fat. In addition, if hyaluronic acid is quickly absorbed and requires repeated injections in 6 months, then 2 or 3 procedures for the introduction of subcutaneous fat will last until the end of life.

Fashion trends in plastic surgery

One of the main trends is Brazilian booty. Some girls install implants to get outstanding forms like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez.

However, it is much more efficient to use your own subcutaneous fat. It is removed from the abdomen, thereby making a sporty relief with clearly defined muscles. Fat can be taken from the sides or back.

Carrying out such a procedure can be difficult only if the girl is very slim and there is no place to take the material. In all other cases, the operation allows achieving the desired forms without harm to health.

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