What Are the Different Types of Vaginoplasty?

It exists 2 types of vaginoplasty. In the first case, the patient’s own tissues are used, that is, first the “extra” tissues are incised by the surgeon, which connect the wound edges, reducing the lumen of the vagina. This is most often done if the final goal is a contracture of the orifice and strengthening of the pelvis due to the plastics of the front wall. Muscles are not affected with such surgical intervention, stitches are put on the muscle layers, and then the edges of the mucosa are sutured.

Plastic with implants is used to fix the walls in case of prolapse or colpoptosis. During the operation, the seams are fixed with a special holder, which grows with connective tissue and eventually dissolves without a trace. It ensures long-term positive results of plastic surgery.

In addition, plastic surgery can be carried out on the front or back of the vagina. The doctor may also advise only to narrow in the orifice to the vagina and leave the rest unchanged. It is better to rely on the recommendations of the physician, who will advise the best option, depending on the patient’s state of health, wishes and the state of the vagina.Vaginoplasty_ Different Types

Also, vaginoplasty can be an independent operation or complex, that is, carried out together with the correction of the form or fixation of the labia majora, the enlargement of the clitoris, and so on.

Operational methods

Vaginoplasty is usually recommended for women who have children already. It can be carried out for medical reasons, or at the request of the woman. Depending on the vaginal state, the following operations are possible:

  • anterior colporrhaphy;
  • posterior colporrhaphy – suturing of the anterior or posterior walls of the vagina, reducing the orifice to the vagina.

The latter procedure is more gentle, but it is not suitable for patients with sinking-down walls. Anterior colporrhaphy is usually combined with operations to restore the pelvic area and the position of the uterus. If both walls of the vagina are weakened, simultaneous anterior and posterior plastic of the vagina are possible.

The choice of the method of operation depends on the state of the vagina, the age of the woman, associated diseases. In addition, before any operation, you need to pass a preliminary examination. It will be necessary to pass a blood test, an Rh factor test and sexually transmitted infections, hemostasis (assessment of blood coagulation), urinalysis. A bacteriological examination of a cervical smear is also performed and an electrocardiogram is made. To exclude contraindications to surgical intervention, a therapist should examine a woman. At the time of surgery, any disease, including colds, is unacceptable.

Contraindications are:

  • acute diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • heart failure.

The operation is performed only in the hospital under local or epidural anesthesia. The duration of the operation is about 1.5 hours.

A 100% guarantee against recurrence is given by the plastic of the vagina using mesh implants. Women who are planning to have another child are not recommended implants.

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