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Miracle Baby

"Miracle Baby" Born After Laparoscopic Myomectomy


ATLANTA, GA--Anne B. Jarvis, 32, a branch manager for MCI, was told by doctors that she would never have a baby--or that if she ever did, it would be a miracle. In fact, she had been told since she was 24 that she should have a hysterectomy to treat benign fibroid tumors.

She didn't take one gynecologist's word as law, however, and today she and husband Todd are thrilled with their son Knox, born in June 1995 after she opted for a treatment that left her uterus intact. Her laparoscopic myomectomy was performed by Tom Lyons, M.D., an endoscopic surgery pioneer who received the National Collegiate Athletes' Association Silver Anniversary Award in January, 1996, recognizing him for the outstanding breakthroughs he has developed in his gynecological medicine practice since 1980.

The minimally invasive procedure to remove Anne's fibroids was done through a trocar, a small tubular instrument inserted into her abdomen. Because the incisions were so tiny, she recuperated from the procedure in approximately two weeks. Within months she was pregnant.

"We love Knox so much and he wouldn't be here if not for Dr. Lyons. I'm so glad we searched until we found a doctor who could provide the solution!" she said. Anne Jarvis is now pregnant with her second child, expected in spring of 1997.

Among the causes for infertility are uterine fibroids, endometriosis, blocked Fallopian tubes or ovarian cysts. "Infertility, problems with recurrent miscarriages and difficulty becoming pregnant are more common than we think," explained Dr. Lyons. "In the past, when myomectomy was performed as 'open' surgery, there was significant downtime for the patient and no guarantee of pregnancy. There aren't any strict guarantees today, but the new laparoscopic approach decreases the chances of problems in recovery," he said.

In addition to infertility treatments for fibroids and other "female" roadblocks to pregnancy, Dr. Lyons also treats the "male factor" in his office. Problems such as low sperm motility or decreased sperm count are counteracted with washed intrauterine insemination, wherein a fresh concentration of sperm is purified and placed high into the uterus beyond the cervix, to increase the possibility of conception.

"It's essential that patients get information about all their options," said Dr. Lyons. "Their own physician is the best place to start."

 However, depending upon age and training, not all physicians are familiar with, or able to perform some of the newer procedures. Dr. Lyons, medical director of the Center for Women's Care & Reproductive Surgery in Atlanta, has trained physicians worldwide on the laparoscopic procedures he has developed, including the supracervical hysterectomy which renders better sexual function post-surgery; and the laparoscopic Burch procedure, which corrects urinary stress incontinence.

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